CORNUS SERICEUS, Redosier Dogwood 2 gallon


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Many-stemmed, tall shrub to 10 feet. Takes partial shade, 1-3″ clusters of white flowers in spring, followed by white berries in August. Bright red stems give striking winter interest. Habitat is moist soils, swamps, stream sides, and upland forest. Landscape uses: erosion control, wet areas, groupings, borders, hedges, and screens. Name “Dogwood” may may come from Old English ‘dagge’ meaning a spit or skewer. Wood from dogwoods made good skewers for roasting meat. Early pioneers used the inner bark as a substitute for tobacco.
  • Berries: white
  • Drought Tolerant: no
  • Evergreen: no
  • Flower Color: white
  • Mature Height: to 10′
  • Sunshine: full sun
  • USDA Zone: 3
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