Native Roots ARTEMISIA FRIGIDA, Fringed Sage 3.5″ pot


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For some people less is more – while others think more is more. The Native Roots Fringed Sage requires less maintenance than common strains and shines brighter because it has more silvery leaves, more leaves along the length of the branches, more dense branching and branches that are more compact. Even the flower stems shine a little brighter because they’ve been selected to be light green. It simply does a better job of being what it is: a shiny object! Put it in most any soil with most any exposure in the landscape and you won’t be disappointed.
  • Drought Tolerant: yes
  • Evergreen: semi-evergreen
  • Mature Height: 18-24″ tall, 24-36″ spread
  • Sunshine: full sun to part shade

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