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“An Introductory Guide to Native Plants, Agricultural Crops and Invasive Weeds for the Curious”

Conceived to help landowners and plant enthusiasts identify native plants found in the Inland Northwest prairie regions of Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Montana. It also includes agricultural crops and invasive weeds to increase an awareness and appreciation for the land among readers. It uses introductory language and is organized first by color of the blooms, second by family name and thirdly by common name. Scientific names are introduced with phonetic spellings. Complete with photographs courtesy of various contributors and illustrations by young local artist Julianne Bledsoe.
Designed to be a “carry along” book, the spiral binding, pocketable size and included 8-inch “ruler” inside the front cover for quick reference on-the-go should encourage you to include it on even the briefest of walks.
The Prairie regions included are: Palouse, Rathdrum, Zumwalt and Camas Prairies.

Published by Thorn Creek Native Seed Farm ©2016

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