SEED – WaterLess Lawn Mix 5 pounds


“Changing the traditional lawn, one blade at a time!”

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A blend of native grasses specially combined to provide a beautiful alternative to the “traditional” green lawn. The Water-Less Lawn Mix will green-up quickly in the spring and last well in to the fall. While it won’t look like a golf course, or traditional lawn, you will enjoy the unique textures and varied colors that will come with this lawn.  It will get tall if left unmown. Ideal for those difficult transition zones between a manicured turf and native or pasture areas.

Drought Tolerant: yes
Evergreen: no
Sunshine: full sun to partial shade


  • Streambank Wheatgrass
  • Idaho Fescue
  • Blue Grama
  • Canby Bluegrass
  • Prairie Junegrass

RECOMMENDED SEEDING RATE: 5-7 pounds/1000 square feet.

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