VACCINIUM MEMBRANACEUM, Mountain Huckleberry 10 cubic inch plug


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A Northwest delicacy! For partly shaded areas, may grow to 6 feet. Tiny white/pink blooms followed by purple-to-black edible berries. Habitat is common to understory shrub, dry to moist coniferous forests and open areas. Ours are grown from seed, not very adaptable, and very difficult to transplant.  But when you do, AND you’re successful!? There’s nothing better! Native Americans used berries fresh or cooked, mashed and dried in cakes.
  • Berries: blue/purple/black
  • Drought Tolerant: no
  • Evergreen: no
  • Flower Color: white/pink
  • Flowers, Berries or Seeds: yes, the berries are always in demand!
  • Mature Height: 3-6′
  • Sunshine: prefers partial shade
  • USDA Zone: 4

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